Saturday, February 26, 2011

New creations

So I have a bunch of work I've finished in the past two weeks, figured it was time for an update. First up we have an experiment for Harvey Chan's class. We had to work in acrylic or oils and since I had never really worked in oils before I chose that. It's safe to say I love them. The theme is "The Beast" so I threw a ram's skull on a girls body. I like the idea I came up with, but the image needs a lot of work. The final one will be up shortly.

Next is my completely lino print for Relief. Image is of Medusa, done in a reduction block. 3 colours hand printed are not so fun. White was printed first, then pink, then black. I'm incredibly happy with how these turned out.

This is one half of a diptych for Metaphor, Image and Process. The assignment is working with archetypes for the body. I'm incredibly interested in the body as a medium and extended that into tattoo art and the history of tattooing. Notice the gypsy on his left arm. Self promotion, yeh.

This is an aquatint done for Intaglio. I did a line etching first, left it in the acid for 20 minutes. Next came sugarlift on the owl to open up all those spaces for the aquatint. Aquatint was done in 3 stages, each shade is an extra 5 minutes left in the acid. I might go in and rework the background, I'm not completely sure yet though. I'm super happy with this image as it was my first aquatint. Woohoo!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Harry Houdini tattoo anyone?

So, this is my final project for the "Funeral of a Magician" project for Media Studio. After restarting this TWICE, I finally finished. Done entirely in ink and watercolour. The blacks and reds are ink, and everything else is watercolour. First time around, I was going to do a poster for one of Houdini's stunt's the Chinese Water Torture Cell, except I was going to do the cell in a coffin shape. Didn't work out. Then I had this drawn up, was going to do the portrait in black and white and the rest in colour, but the portrait came out too dark and muddy, so the dearest Emily let me borrow her light board to trace the portrait to save some time. Thanks Emily! I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out. This is 12"x16"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Harry Houdini

"Funeral of a Magician" is the theme for the ink and watercolour work in Media Studio. For my experiments, I did a portrait of Harry Houdini. Using calligraphy pens to play with line, and brush and ink for everything else. The yellowish colour of the letters is done in tea. One of the dot things on the "O" smudged so I'm a little bitter.

For the final piece I'm thinking of working with Houdini's grave, and illustrate him escaping his own tomb like the stunt he did where he buried himself alive. I'm unsure as of now.